G​.​O​.​P. (Gag On Penis)

by TFG (Totally Fucking Gay)

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Enter the Sonic Gloryhole of TFG #Trump #GOP #GeorgeTakei

TFG’s 7 song e.p. “G.O.P. (Gag on Penis)” was originally released Nov 8th 2017, the 1-year commemoration & commiseration of POTUS TRUMP.

Shortly after the release, the record was dropped, along with 18 other TFG-related releases, from all digital distro outlets: iTunes, Google, Amazon etc, for violating the distributor’s standards (hate speech, pornography). "G.O.P. (Gag on Penis)" was re-released digitally 4.20.18

FACT: Mike Diana’s CD/Poster cover artwork for the TFG G.O.P. was refused printing by two CD manufacturers prior to it’s release.

“Orange Anus” the first video/single, is a funny, psychedelic melange of republicans, politics, peni and hashtags.

“The Ballad of George Takei” the second video, is a love letter from TFG to Sexy Sulu. The video combines stop-motion animation, scantily clad action figures, and a slew of familiar enterprising faces.

Kneepad: “Orange Anus is a phrase I stole from Rosie O’Donnell, to express my disgust for the Conservatard-in-Chief, a reality show star with no political experience who got elected President. Trump knows how to manipulate the media. Nothing more. And if you’re not a rich, white male, his policies will hurt you. “

Between the majority of the American public supporting LGBT equality, and the current administration opposing cultural progress, the music and message of TFG’s Kneepad Nikki, Doc Octocock and Joe Testículo has never been more relevant.

The “G.O.P” cd cover & wraparound poster package is by MIKE DIANA, the legendary outlaw comix artist. In 1994, Mike Diana was charged with three counts of obscenity by a Florida court for his zines Boiled Angel #7 and #Ate. He was found guilty, sent to jail and sentenced to three years probation. He is the first person to receive a criminal conviction in the United States for artistic obscenity.

Mike Diana's artwork for TFG G.O.P was turned down by two CD manufacturers prior to printing, furthering Mike's censored legacy.

The Trial of Mike Diana documentary by cult filmmaker Frank Henenlotter (Basketcase, Frankenhooker) will be released early 2018.

Enter the sonic gloryhole of TFG and the visual psychotic splendor of Mike Diana. The mix of indie electro rock, full frontal guitar and grindcore is dirty comedy at it’s dirtiest. If you’re against Trump, the conservative agenda, extreme religious fanatics in politics, or just a pervert who likes to laugh and rock out, choose TFG.
Enter TFG.world


released April 20, 2018

Kneepad Nikki - voice, keys, dirty knees
Doc Octocock - guitars, keys, production, backdoor “cake” voice, assplay
Joe Testículo - lead guitars, penis slide


all rights reserved



TFG (Totally Fucking Gay) New York, New York

TFG is a pro-LGBT anti-GOP band, mixing electronic music, full frontal guitars, rock & grindcore, featuring funny, graphic lyrics celebrating man-on-man love. #indie #comedy #grindcore #electro #rock

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Track Name: you love men and so do i
theres nothing wrong with being yourself
tell the haters to all go away
you love men and so do i
we are totally fucking gay
we all live on a diverse planet
some dudes might want to fuck janet
not me i want to fuck rob
every night i choke on his knob
rob and i go out on a date
we eat dinner and go to bed
i push rob on to the mattress
then his butt cheeks i do spread
rob is happy and i am too
so we take time when we screw
after a while i blow my load
his tight ass makes me explode
rob and i walk down the street
and we hold hands we dont care
straight couples they hold hands too
we want equality fair is fair
friday night my cock is hard
i call rob he is not home
i am horny with hot male friends
no reason for me to be alone
pick up the phone and call thomas
he tells me im his favorite slut
soon his balls are slapping into mine
as he savagely bangs my butt
Track Name: queer population is on the rise
i met a man with green eyes
we ate a burger with french fries
my face went between his thighs
queer population is on the rise
when i suck dick the time flies
queer population is on the rise
times are changing it is true
what are homophobes going to do
gays are gaining straights are losing
if you bend over ill convert you
dont think that we cant turn you
or make you fall under our spell
taboo sex it makes us horny
orgasm comes from a fear of hell
catholic high school can create fags
just segregate the students by gender
boys and boys on a field trip
12th grade dudes in a rear ender
just admit that men are sexy
we have muscles cock and balls
women have a period and bad breath
must throw them over niagara falls
gays in europe and in canada
gays in britain are second nature
gays in germany and in france
they wear tighty whitey underpants
you cant stop this homo onslaught
fashion and art are run by us
soon we will dominate music and tv
heteros sit at the back of the bus
Track Name: god wants you to make that cake
your power comes from your dollar
only support the gay businesses
gay friendly businesses are ok
but if we pay them they must play
if a dumb baker wont make a cake
for a wedding with two dudes
that sucks but it is a free country
and in this country there are prudes
just contact all the gay customers
tell them to avoid that shop
if gay friendly people go there
inform them why they should stop
find a bakery who likes homos
one who will make a wedding cake
one that shows a man and a man
beat the republicans yes we can
put the conservatives in the poor house
leave all their stuff on the shelf
research places that you buy from
we might starve the clown or elf
but pretty soon they will come around
because most homos have money
we are a big part of the economy
use social media for solidarity
gay men like to play with balls
but we can also play hardball
bigoted businesses get shut down
queers are united white and brown
god wants you to make that cake
she told me that you are a fake
Track Name: the ballad of george takei
george takei is completely gay
he had a threesome with brad and jay
i would love to jump in their bed
they can call me any old day
pull his pants off kiss his cock
suck his dick until he cums
film it for a celebrity sex tape
his sperm on my teeth and gums
william shatner is an old man
he is fat and wears a toupee
i would bang him maybe for money
but i would much rather bang takei
yes george you can abuse my rectum
and i dont have a tramp stamp
bang me hard to get your revenge
like we were in the internment camp
after pilates george is horny
so i give him a testicle massage
he hired me to be his slave
i get punished when i misbehave
he might spank me while i jerk
or we could play sulu and kirk
no need to ride the enterprise
georgie prefers to ride hot guys
oh my !!!
Track Name: G.O.P. (Gag On Penis)
there are two big political parties
there is party a and party b
republicans are obsessed with dick
and the democrats just like pussy
the g.o.p. stands for gag on penis
that is true if theyre undecided
i spread my ass for a conservative
and he paid me to get inside it
kneepad nikki parties in dc
and the politicos rub my bulge
coked out republicans meet me in the bathroom
but their names i can not divulge
homophobic politicians are so kinky
but they try to pray and fight it
i whipped it out for a young congressman
and he begged me to suck and ride it
fuck his face with no remorse
he is trainable like a horse
closeted queers they love it dirty
leave their wives when they turn 30
Track Name: sex in the butt can be quite painful
back in the day life was dangerous
those queer people didnt take no shit
sex in the butt can be quite painful
if hes huge and the dick wont fit
stonewall inn 1969
cops and queers got in a big fight
the lesson is there for us all
we have to stand up for our rights
two steps forward one step back
keep on fucking but get political
swallowing cum is a daily ritual
fighting authority becomes habitual
Track Name: orange anus
trump is deplorable trump is deplorable
orange anus orange anus
pence is deplorable pence is deplorable
stupid christian homophobic
rig the election through voter suppression
who else knows what that guy did
self made man who inherited wealth
he lacks ethics or mental health
he hates women and he hates latins
and he hates blacks and he hates gays
he hates muslims and he hates the poor
he wants all of us to go away
i bend over after my dinner
part time saint but a full time sinner
i bend over after my dessert
he is a black man this is gonna hurt
popular vote was won by clinton
electoral college can eat my ass
tiny hands and a tiny dick
i wouldnt touch him with a 10 foot stick
i dont care of youre old or young
just hit the bulls eye on my tongue
i dont care of youre hairy or shaved
come over now if you are depraved

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